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Natural Safe Dosage: We formulate all of our supplements to be in line with what you can get naturally from food on a daily basis. Both the amounts and ratios of nutrients are balanced whereas most supplements on the market have high, even toxic doses, that can cause more harm than good.

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 33 
Capsule Dosage: 100mcg MK4 & 10mcg MK7
Amount Per Serving: 300mcg MK4 & 30mcg MK7 
Serving Size: 1 Dropper
Servings Per Container: 60 
15mg MK4 per Dropper
  • Necessity: EVERYONE is deficient in Vitamin K2, the only way to obtain it is to consume high quality fermented animal foods, and unless you’ve been eating 2 pounds of raw cheese every week, you are certainly lacking it.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Easy bruising, excessive bleeding, heavy menstrual periods, calcification, poor bone development, arthritis
  • K2 in the form MK4: Vitamin K2 MK4 has been shown to reduce blood vessel calcification, whereas the plant form of Vitamin K did not. MK4 has also been shown to be more effective at reducing incidence of bone-related injuries.
  • The Magic of Emu Oil: Emu oil is a natural, high quality fat source that increases absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins because of its fatty acid composition.
  • Natural: There are many forms of Vitamin K2 in foods, but MK4 is the one that occurs naturally in the highest amounts in animal foods. MK7, the other common supplement, is fairly low from a natural perspective, and other types of MK’s can be found in high quality dairy products in small amounts. Daily natural consumption can be anywhere from 500mcg-1mg, but Japanese studies have shown benefits of consuming 45mg per day.

Customer Reviews

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Marian Young
Very good

I use Frankie's D3 and you have to take the K2 with D3, so this is a perfect team to stay healthy. It's easy to take too.


I ordered this together with D3 for my parents, the taste is like melted butter, so no need to mix it with water. I am not even joking but my father has become stronger in about a week, he can lift much heavier things and is much more active, and that is without changing what he eats on the daily. Thank you Frank for amazing quality!

K2 MK4

It's been a couple of months since starting the K2 MK4 and first off, it came packaged very well and on time, which I very much appreciate. So far, I really like this product and I'm hoping that it helps in the many ways I've read about. I will keep purchasing from Frankie's in the future. Thank you!

Damien L
Liver and gut health improved

taking zinc or selenium was too hard on my liver despite being deficient. Once I started supplementing vitamin K2 my liver functions much better and I am now benefiting from the zinc/selenium supplementation when taken alongside the K2. I am now having much more healthy solid bowel movements

Order #5917
Order Received

I called FedEx, UPS and finally USPS. To see where my order was, and I was finally able to get my hands on it. Apologies to Frank, but to fair should've sent a tracking number. USPS lost my order