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  • Necessity: Vitamin D3 can only be obtained in adequate amounts from the sun; it is the only supplement that cannot be obtained from food.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Poor sleep, lack of energy, weakness, pain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, low sex drive, calcification
  • Calcium Metabolism: Vitamin D3 is necessary for the transport and absorption of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and calcium presence in all soft tissue. Calcium is viewed as what makes strong bones, but in reality people are overloaded with calcium, and are not utilizing it because of a lack of Vitamins D3 and K2 in their diet.
  • The Magic of Emu Oil: Emu oil is a natural, high quality fat source that increases absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins because of its fatty acid composition.
  • Oral or Transdermal: Vitamin D3 can be consumed orally as well as trandermally at a slightly reduced absorption rate. Try spreading out the dosage through the early parts of the day for consistent energy. The dosage is designed to be approximately 25% of your daily sun exposure on a summer day.

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Ratios as close to natural as nature intended

It takes sometime to completely dry out on your skin. I applied one dropper on my abdomen and it dried out in an hour. Not ideal for applying and then putting a shirt on right after. It has a very grainy feel compared to other brands I've used in the past.

Awesome product

Can feel the boost in mood almost instantly! Great product!

Liquid sun

This is how I get my D3 when I can't get out in the sun.

Clean Ingredients

It's great that this is made with such clean ingredients! It's even made with spring water. Where else can you buy a product like that? I do wish the flavor were a little better, but you can't really do much when you're keeping things as natural as possible, so no sweeteners or artificial flavors. Great product!

The Cow


Love this D it's THE best D, literally threw up when I read the ingredients of the boolshet my son's (previous) Pediatrician try to put him on, corn syrup and cherry flavor and uh guar gum??? no :)

So I put my bb on this and oh goodness his levels sky rocketed! <3