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  • Necessity: Despite consuming large amounts of animal proteins, many people are deficient in B vitamins due to poor digestion caused by modern environmental factors.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: B vitamins are involved in so many bodily functions that the symptoms can be broad and vast; tiredness, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, numbness, tingling, balance problems, confusion.
  • Highly available: Since this has a natural hypoallergenic capsule, it will be digested almost immediately in the upper intestine, leaving no concerns of bioavailability.
  • Natural Ratio: The B Vitamins in this product are designed to be in line with consuming a natural food. All other B vitamin supplements do not seem to have any sort of reference or means to the dosages.
  • Daily Dosing: The amount of B vitamins in 1 serving is equivalent to one day of eating high quality animal nutrition, so the dose may need to be higher to fix a severe deficiency.  

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

Great energy boost! Only vit B supplement that doesn't make my skin smell strange

Lou Pacific
Natural B Complex

I have been taking them for a couple months now New bloodwork in a few weeks Will update

daniel hotoretzky

Natural B Complex

Robert Navarrete

Love the normal ratios in this complex

Daniel Rodriguez
B vitamins

Tastes like vitamins and water but it seems to help i got for the b2 to help bright light sensitivity for my eyes might need more of this stuff