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All of the main Vitamins your body needs! Water soluble Vitamins B & C as well as fat soluble vitamins D3 & K2

Natural Safe Dosage: We formulate all of our supplements to be in line with what you can get naturally from food on a daily basis. Both the amounts and ratios of nutrients are balanced whereas most supplements on the market have high, even toxic doses, that can cause more harm than good. 

Vitamin B Complex

  • Necessity: Despite consuming large amounts of animal proteins, many people are deficient in B vitamins due to poor digestion caused by modern environmental factors.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: B vitamins are involved in so many bodily functions that the symptoms can be broad and vast; tiredness, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, numbness, tingling, balance problems, confusion.
  • Highly available: Since this has a natural hypoallergenic capsule, it will be digested almost immediately in the upper intestine, leaving no concerns of bioavailability.
  • Natural Ratio: The B Vitamins in this product are designed to be in line with consuming a natural food. All other B vitamin supplements do not seem to have any sort of reference or means to the dosages.
  • Daily Dosing: The amount of B vitamins in 1 serving is equivalent to one day of eating high quality animal nutrition, so the dose may need to be higher to fix a severe deficiency.  

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is possibly the most important nutrient to supplement, mainly for its necessity in optimal antioxidant metabolism. 
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Fatigue, depression, poor skin health, frequent sickness. 
  • Highly available: Hypoallergenic capsules allow for immediate absorption in the small intestine. 
  • Best Form: Ascorbic acid is the least inflammatory form of Vitamin C as the whole foods supplements contain high levels of antinutrients. 
  • Daily Dosing: Vitamin C requirements vary from person to person so dosage can be tapered up as needed.  

Vitamin D3

  • Necessity: Vitamin D3 can only be obtained in adequate amounts from the sun; it is the only supplement that cannot be obtained from food.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Poor sleep, lack of energy, weakness, pain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, low sex drive, calcification
  • Calcium Metabolism: Vitamin D3 is necessary for the transport and absorption of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and calcium presence in all soft tissue. Calcium is viewed as what makes strong bones, but in reality people are overloaded with calcium, and are not utilizing it because of a lack of Vitamins D3 and K2 in their diet.
  • The Magic of Emu Oil: Emu oil is a natural, high quality fat source that increases absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins because of its fatty acid composition.
  • Oral or Transdermal: Vitamin D3 can be consumed orally as well as trandermally at a slightly reduced absorption rate. Try spreading out the dosage through the early parts of the day for consistent energy. The dosage is designed to be approximately 25% of your daily sun exposure on a summer day. 

Vitamin K2

  • Necessity: EVERYONE is deficient in Vitamin K2, the only way to obtain it is to consume high quality fermented animal foods, and unless you’ve been eating 2 pounds of raw cheese every week, you are certainly lacking it.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Easy bruising, excessive bleeding, heavy menstrual periods, calcification, poor bone development, arthritis
  • K2 in the form MK4: Vitamin K2 MK4 has been shown to reduce blood vessel calcification, whereas the plant form of Vitamin K did not. MK4 has also been shown to be more effective at reducing incidence of bone-related injuries.
  • The Magic of Emu Oil: Emu oil is a natural, high quality fat source that increases absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins because of its fatty acid composition.
  • Natural: There are many forms of Vitamin K2 in foods, but MK4 is the one that occurs naturally in the highest amounts in animal foods. MK7, the other common supplement, is fairly low from a natural perspective, and other types of MK’s can be found in high quality dairy products in small amounts. Daily natural consumption can be anywhere from 500mcg-1mg, but Japanese studies have shown benefits of consuming 45mg per day.

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A multivitamin game changer!

I've been taking multivitamins for a good chunk of my life and they've either done nothing or given me toxic levels of stuff. I got this mostly to fix my vit D deficiency and it's done way more. My A1C is high and the B vitamins help with the blood sugar. This really works for my current situation. Taken with the multimineral is the complete package.

John Johnson
Excellent multivitamin

Taking this with the multimineral should have you covered. I like supplementing the cod liver oil occasionally for my vitamin a, as well

Love it thanks franky

One of the top people i listen to as far as health goes helped me alot with the knowledge of health appreciate you franky !


Great vitamins! He really has the best on the market!!

Great MultiVitamin

Wow, a multivitamin that actually works!

Tried taking many multi vitamins and they make me feel sick. Saw Frankies, and the pill is pretty much my whole stack so I figured instead of 5-10 different pills just try one. Works great and didn't feel any type of upset stomach.

Insane price on these too!!