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1.5lb (Approximately 7 Servings) 

Our bodies primary method of detoxing is through the release of toxins from the liver in bile into the digestive system. Many modern day habits can impede, even stop, our bodies ability to detox, including poor diet, overload of toxins, or even an overload of vitamins.

Frankie's Detox Smoothie provides the body with the most important elements for detox - Soluble Fiber, Starch, Natural Sugar, and Amino Acids. The body uses all of these components to move toxins out of the body while minimizing reabsorption of said toxins in the digestive tract. Our proprietary formula makes this the only product on the market effective for restoring your liver health. 


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    High quality and tasty

    Really good

    WOW, Frankie has done it again!! I have tried every single protein smoothie on the block and probably clogged myself doing so. This stuff is AMAZING! I know its not a protein shake, but it really does make you feel great and your liver will do the happy dance. Thanks again Frank for another top quality product.

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    So Delicious !

    I agree with the review before mine, this is by far the best tasting smoothie out there!! Don’t change a thing at all! I’m using it as a breakfast meal replacement and it keeps me pretty full. I do the 4 scoops, OH YEAH with 8 ounces of pure coconut milk to give it a bit more calories & thickness. All I can say is I’m in love! Lol

    Robert Pizano
    Best smoothie ever

    This is the best smoothie blend I’ve ever tasted. I enjoy working out so this is a great way of getting in a caloric meal before the gym. Tastes so good. 4 scoops. OH YEAHH

    Sami Murtaza

    A very nice subtle pineapple flavor. Gave me a great boost for my workout today. Once shipped with DHL it got here in just 48 hours, all away across the world. Great to know you're getting a good load of calories too. Great Job, Frankie!