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  • Necessity: Your body doesn’t naturally produce iodine, so it is an essential part of any diet.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Weight gain, fatigue and weakness, hair loss, dry/flaky skin, cold body temperature, changes in heart rate, impaired cognitive function.
  • Thyroid Health: Iodine is especially important for thyroid health. The thyroid regulates hormone production, which in turn plays an important role in metabolism, stimulating the immune system, and moderating the central nervous system.
  • Modern Halogens: Our food and water supply are riddled with fluoride, bromide, chlorine, which disrupt iodine receptors, remove those from your diet and add a high quality source of iodine
  • Oral or Transdermal: Iodine can be consumed orally with food as well as transdermally at 10% absorption rate. (Use 10x as much)