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  • Highest Quality Available: Raised in pristine New Zealand Pasture. Freeze dried to preserve nutrients and maximize bioavailability.
  • Super Vitamin: Liver is exceptionally high in the Animal form of Vitamin A, Retinol, the most available form of B12, as well as all of the other fat soluble vitamins in moderate amounts. 
  • Minerals: Ample in copper and iron, which the majority of people are deficient in, liver also contains the other minerals in moderate amounts. 
  • Optimize Metabolism: Since liver is so high in nutrition, Water Soluble Vitamins, Fat Soluble Vitamins, and Minerals, it replenishes the body of past nutrient deficiencies rapidly over a few months.
  • Natural: Based around consuming an actual food product, you don't have to feel like you're taking a "supplement," it's simply an easier way to get your liver in every day!