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  • Necessity: Contains the base resources for the main antioxidant systems in our body, utilizing the B Vitamin and Vitamin C cycles.
  • What it’s for: Whether you have a headache, are anxious, or stressed, taking this can help get you through several hours of the day until you are able to get into a comfortable environment.
  • Immediate Relief: The high availability and liquid delivery system allows your body to start using these resources in minutes, providing quick relief within a 15 minute time span.
  • Modern Problems: High levels of environmental radiation and air pollution can leave us feeling sick at important parts of our day, this a temporary solution for those experiencing these stages of life.
  • Continual Dosing: This product is designed to be used  in intervals depending on the severity of the oxidative stress, up to 4 doses over the course of an hour if the first is not adequate.

Customer Reviews

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Andy T

It’s a great supplement

Antioxidant Support

Has a lime and lemon flavor and overall feel relax and energize.


Let me start by saying you will feel the power of the antioxidants doing there job, its interesting.
NOTE: Taste like pure acid and the sourest thing you can imagine. my droper only goes half way so i fill it 4 times and then swish and swallow.

Ananke Logos
Well balanced and exceptional

As someone who has spent years on trying to make my own nootropic stack concoctions for my own personal use, this is the best antioxidant support product out there that I'm aware of, very near instantaneous relief that I didn't have with my concoctions but then again I don't have much time to spend trying to narrow down to what works, I never even thought to use CoQ10 and Glutathione together, and now I know better.