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Natural Safe Dosage: We formulate all of our supplements to be in line with what you can get naturally from food on a daily basis. Both the amounts and ratios of nutrients are balanced whereas most supplements on the market have high, even toxic doses, that can cause more harm than good.
  • Copper is a mineral required for many bodily functions. Plant foods tend to be copper dominant whereas animal foods are zinc dominant. With modern soil depletion it is incredibly difficult to get adequate amounts of copper from plant foods.
  • Symptoms of Deficiency: Histamine intolerance, fatigue, weakness, frequent sickness, weak bones, memory problems, sensitivity to cold, pale skin, gray hair
  • Highly available: Since this has a natural hypoallergenic capsule, it will be digested almost immediately in the upper intestine, leaving no concerns of bioavailability.
  • Best Form: Copper glycinate has a balance of bioavailability, minimal processing, and digestibility, making it the best choice for supplementing.
  • Daily Dosing: The amount of copper in 1 serving is equivalent to one day of eating high copper foods, so the dose may need to be higher to fix a severe deficiency.   

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Very important for histamine intolerance and recovering from the carnivore diet. Or, taking while on a carnivore diet.

It’s low enough dose that can be taken with each meal to facilitate the enzymatic breakdown of histamine and build stores to counteract excessive zinc.

Sarah Wolcoski
Very Helpful

Used this a few times already and my histamine intolerance is reduced significantly, insomnia is almost gone, don't feel as weak and so far not getting sick.

Dolores Prieto Muñiz

Copper Glycinate