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  • Liver is incredibly high in vitamins, partly because it uses large amounts of them to function as the main filter system in our body. Certain nutrients are needed for antioxidant processes which occur highly in the liver.  
  • Highest Quality Available: Raised in pristine New Zealand Pasture. Freeze dried to preserve nutrients and maximize bioavailability.
  • Glandular Therapy: The organs of an animal have similar cellular composition to our own, the vitamin and mineral content, structure, function.  Our bodies use this “similar tissue” to repair and optimize our own.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Since organs are so high in nutrition, Water Soluble Vitamins, Fat Soluble Vitamins, and Minerals, it replenishes the body, as well as specific organ, of possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Natural: Since this is a natural food product, you are technically not taking a “supplement!”

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Allan Reyes

LIVER RESTORE: "The Bodies Filtration System"

Angela Mingus
Lack of response

When I received the package, the contents were very hot. Now I understand that after it's shipped it's out of the company's hands on when my package arrives since and I'm basically at the mercy of the postal service. I'm not giving it one star because of how much time it took for my package to arrive and because of the condition my package arrived in. I'm giving it one star because once I noticed the contents of the package were hot, I was worried about if it was safe to consume. I sent an email to the company asking that question. I didn't get a response. So because of that I wound up throwing the contents away because I didn't want to risk getting sick. I searched the website and there wasn't a FAQ section. There really isn't too much information on the website. It's my opinion that when selling that type of supplement there should be more information in the website such as handling instructions, warnings, a FAQ section that includes information such as what to do if etc etc, temperature information etc. Also when you email a company it usually takes 24 hours to get a response back. It's been two weeks and still no response. I think that the response should be within 24 hours especially when dealing with supplements especially these types of supplements.

Haider Al Salihi
Great product

Really good product if you like liver and you can't beat it's price.
Helps a lot with mood and energy

Matthew Alloy
Excellent, No fillers

Excellent, No fillers, Fast shipping easy to use

Finally liver benefits without the gag worthy taste

Got this for my birthday and i'm happy i did. When i drank your honey glucose, liver restore, heart health and some OJ together i was able to slide some extra pounds on the bar. Workout never felt so good.