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  • Glandular thyroid extracts are commonly prescribed by doctors, “Synthroid,” for example being composed of low quality conventionally raised pig thyroid. Use this as a natural, healthier source of thyroid glandular.  
  • Highest Quality Available: Raised in pristine New Zealand Pasture. Freeze dried to preserve nutrients and maximize bioavailability.
  • Glandular Therapy: The organs of an animal have similar cellular composition to our own, the vitamin and mineral content, structure, function.  Our bodies use this “similar tissue” to repair and optimize our own.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Since organs are so high in nutrition, Water Soluble Vitamins, Fat Soluble Vitamins, and Minerals, it replenishes the body, as well as specific organ, of possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Natural: Since this is a natural food product, you are technically not taking a “supplement!”

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Thyroid Powder

Still waiting on my labs for my thyroid but so far, when taking your thyroid powder, I feel really good. Taking it sublingually helps me to absorb and that works best for me, I've found. The shipping was on time, the packaging is good, and the price is awesome. Thank you for providing this, and all your other fine products! God bless you, Frankie!

I don't know about the product yet, I haven't received my order.

I have high expectations on the product, but I am disappointed it takes so long to get it. According to the USPS tracking link it has been stuck in New York for 2 weeks now. I live in Scandinavia, so I guess it will sit forever in different European cities before it arrives. I have ordered from other companies in the us before, and it took about 5 days..

Long time user

I've been buying the thyroid powder for a couple of years now as a replacement for the NP Thyroid 90mg tablet I was prescribed after my thyroid was removed. Before Covid, my dose (total) was 240mg that I capsuled in 80mg portions (size 5) and took 3 times a day. Covid changed things quite a bit. I'm still recovering from that setback which blocked my thyroid uptake and I didn't know it until I was in the hospital with a TSH of 119. It's a been almost a year since then and my dose is now 160mg 3x daily with a TSH in the 70s currently. Lots of repairs still going on, but as far as this product goes, Yes, it is much better than anything I've had prescribed. It does supply everything that a fully functioning thyroid should. T-0 through T-4 plus calcitonin to help keep the parathyroid in check. Just make sure you check your TSH Free and Total T-3 and T-4 to make sure you don't go into hyperthyroidism which can have similar symptoms to hypo.
I'm thankful that Frank has made this available to people like me who want to be in control of their lives instead of being dragged along by people who just see an income source instead of a person. Thank you Frank. Thank you for making freedom available to me.


Been taking consistently and haven’t noticed any changes.

Seems to be good quality.

The quality of the powder seems to be good, and it’s cheaper than from other companies, which sell the encapsulated form in a smaller dose. The powdered form is a better deal.