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  • Optimize your brain, cardiovascular, and digestive function. Contains a natural ratio of the largest organs in the body: Brain, Heart, Kidney, Spleen, and Pancreas.
  • Highest Quality Available: Raised in pristine New Zealand Pasture. Freeze dried to preserve nutrients and maximize bioavailability.
  • Glandular Therapy: The organs of an animal have similar cellular composition to our own, the vitamin and mineral content, structure, function.  Our bodies use this “similar tissue” to repair and optimize our own.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Since organs are so high in nutrition, Water Soluble Vitamins, Fat Soluble Vitamins, and Minerals, it replenishes the body, as well as specific organ, of possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Natural: Since this is a natural food product, you are technically not taking a “supplement!”

Customer Reviews

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Jack Stone
Exactly what was promised

The taste is barely palatable, but this is definitely a great product

Hector Hernandez

FULL SPECTRUM ORGANS: Optimal Metabolism

Erik Schetzke
Great strength and energy

I didn't expect this to give me THAT kind of boost. My energy levels are off the charts. Will definitely buy again!

Great stuff

From order to delivery in Europe just 8 days. Although customs wanted some extra money for the good stuff, of course.

Immediately convinced of the quality of the product. Will recommend!

Sami Murtaza

I use the serving on things like scrambled eggs for instance. I appreciate that unlike all the other multi organ formulas that contain usually the same 5 organs ( Liver, Kidney, Heart, Pancreas,Spleen) Frankies has 6 ( Brain). Thanks again! Great work.