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  • Contains pure forms of all enzymes produced by the body (90g) 
  • Amylase to digest starches and carbohydrates
  • Proteases: Pepsin, Trypsin, and Chymotrypsin to digest protein
  • Lipase to digest fats
  • Betaine HCL to increase stomach acidity to break down foods
  • Take 1-2 teaspoons per meal, can increase dose until diarrhea is induced. 

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Svendsen
Absolutely fantastic

This might sound crazy but Frankie’s Free Range products are fantastic I could tell a difference immediately I’ve tried many products from many companies and nothing compares to these great products


Digestive enzymes

its working?

after 4 months of taking it 3 times a day havent noticed much. guess i got really screwed up organ function, that it may take longer before i see any results.

Natural junkie
VEry good product I use it daily for IBD

Great stuff, I really do feel better and it seems like I have better digestion of the food

Best enzymes out there

In a matter of a few days, utilising these enzymes in conjunction with a high quality probiotic and mastic gum, my acne has cleared up so much.

Since my gut and liver are in a poor state, when I would take the water kefir and mastic gum alone without the enzymes, it still helped considerably, but incorporating the enzymes now has been a game changer.

My body really needed specific enzymes to start rebooting again. My skin is fully clearing up, I am finally having proper good bowel movements and energy has been much higher.

Thank you, so much frank