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1.5lb (Approximately 7 Servings) 

Our bodies primary method of detoxing is through the release of toxins from the liver in bile into the digestive system. Many modern day habits can impede, even stop, our bodies ability to detox, including poor diet, overload of toxins, or even an overload of vitamins.

Frankie's Detox Smoothie provides the body with the most important elements for detox - Soluble Fiber, Starch, Natural Sugar, and Amino Acids. The body uses all of these components to move toxins out of the body while minimizing reabsorption of said toxins in the digestive tract. Our proprietary formula makes this the only product on the market effective for restoring your liver health. 

Whey protein in general is a great source of b vitamins, proteins, amino acids, as well as minerals. When grass fed it removes the herbicide and pesticide concerns of conventional grain fed whey protein as well as increasing the overall nutrition substantially.

The majority of “grass-fed” and “organic” whey protein, especially from the United States, is not genuine. They are feeding the animal corn stalks and soybeans which counts as “grass,” while organically raised cattle are still getting “organic” corn and soy in their feed.

By sourcing our grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand we can ensure that those “shady” marketing practices are not of concern.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sami Murtaza

    A very nice subtle pineapple flavor. Gave me a great boost for my workout today. Once shipped with DHL it got here in just 48 hours, all away across the world. Great to know you're getting a good load of calories too. Great Job, Frankie!

    jacob maximus
    tastes great

    detox smoothie tastes good, I like to put a few of the glandular organ powders mixed in with the smoothie to disguise the taste.

    John Johnson
    Too good, I’m growing a belly

    This stuff is delicious, and I love that it is all organic. Don’t change a thing! I’ll be a repeat customer for sure


    It really does taste like a creamy, grainy fruit smoothie with a little bit of collagen taste in there. Be careful if your goal is to use it as a meal replacement shake. The taste is satisfying but it's easy to get hungry after drinking a full serving.

    The current approach is to eat normal healthy food for half the day and this for the other half to lose weight. Also, instead of stress-eating burgers and garbage, I can throw one of these shakes down. Therefore, this could help manage my weight a bit better. Will update this review after I see how that goes.